Conditioning, Seasoning and Cleaning Your KROK Granite Mortar and Pestle

Before using a granite mortar and pestle to cook, it is crucial to proceed with the conditioning of the granite. In order to fully enjoy your KROK and make sure that your cooking is safe, it is important that you take a few minutes to prepare your KROK before starting its first pounding and grinding. We strongly recommend following the Conditioning steps below to ensure that your KROK is ready for its first grinding and pounding! 

You need: 

  • A handful of uncooked white rice
  • Water
  • A handful of soaked white rice (in water for about 5 minutes). 


  1. Wash the Mortar and Pestle with clean water. Use the pestle to softly pass on the edges of the mortar. Do not use soap. 
  2. Discard all water and use a clean cloth to dry the mortar and pestle. 
  3. Put a handful of uncooked white rice in the mortar. Slowly start pounding and grinding until the rice becomes a rough powder. 
  4. Put the soaked white rice in the mortar and proceed with the pounding. Make sure to grind the rice equally on all edges. Grind until you obtain a thick paste. 
  5. Discard the paste and wash again with clean water. 

Your KROK is now conditioned and safe to use! However, we also recommend seasoning it. This process will help to have the granite surface smooth and safe to add food. The seasoning also helps prepare the flavours of your mortar. Follow the simple steps below before starting your first KROK cooking. 

You need: 

  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • 3 Chili peppers
  • 2 tsp of salt 


  1. Add the garlic cloves in the mortar and start pounding. 
  2. Add the chili peppers and salt. The salt helps grinding all the ingrdients together. 
  3. Continue to grind until you get a thick paste. 
  4. Use your scrapping spoon to remove the mixture and discard it. 
  5. Wash your KROK with clean water. 
  6. You are now ready to cook with your KROK!  

Immediately after each use of your KROK, it is important to rinse it in warm water. Granite can have stains from oily and acidic foods, hence it is very important to take a few seconds to rinse. 

It is not needed to use soap, however, if you have used your KROK for a long time and feel like it needs a good wash, you can use mild and unscented soap. 

  1. Rinse the mortar and pestle in water immediately after use to minimize staining. Granite is especially prone to staining when exposed to acidic and oily foods.
  2. Wash the mortar and pestle in warm water, using a clean dishrag and mild washing up liquid or soap. Unscented is best, because scented liquids and soaps can leave a perfume residue on the mortar and pestle that could transfer to food. Use an abrasive dish sponge to remove stuck-on food.
  3. Rinse the mortar and pestle thoroughly in warm water to remove soap residue.
  4. Dry the mortar and pestle with a clean cloth to prevent water stains from forming on the granite.