Traditional Garlic Aioli Recipe (using a Mortar & Pestle)

Traditional Garlic Aioli Recipe (using a Mortar & Pestle)

Meet the Recipe Author


I’m that Guy from Naples.

As a kid, I’ve always preferred to be in the kitchen with mum rather than playing football on the street, hence my passion for my local Neapolitan food heritage. Later on, living in Southeast Asia for many years, I discovered a new culinary world that made me love food even more. I’m now based in Naples again doing online and in-person cooking classes, catering, and collaborations with local farmers and food artisans.

I’m excited to be part of the KROK family because they value tradition as much as I do, but at the same time, they don’t see it as a limit for innovation. 

Aioli is one of the sauces that makes Spain famous in the culinary world. It's used to accompany many dishes with its strong, pungent flavor of garlic. The name, a compound of the Catalan words for garlic and olive oil, says it all. 

As often happens with recipes spread across multiple regions, Aioli can vary with added ingredients. For example, in some areas, lemon juice or egg yolk is added to the traditional recipe. This is probably to lessen its strong garlic taste which would be very beneficial for those consuming Aioli on a date!

The version below is the traditional one made only with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. For those of you who are conscious eaters, this ingredient combination makes a perfect, natural antibiotic due to the garlic, a powerful antioxidant due to the EVOO, and a great source of minerals because of the sea salt. 

Without a doubt, the best way to make Aioli is with a mortar and pestle like your KROK. Only with this tool will the necessary aromas and oils from the garlic be extracted without compromising the final product. These oils will later help emulsify the sauce when adding your olive oil drop by drop until you reach that perfect creamy texture.

Thank you again @thatguyfromnaples for sharing this recipe with us.⁠ ⁠


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