Best Italian Salsa Verde Recipe using Mortar and Pestle

Best Italian Salsa Verde Recipe using Mortar and Pestle

This recipe is a typical Piedmontese sauce that was created to give flavor to food that isn’t tasty enough on its own, such as boiled meat (or leftovers) and vegetables. The sauce is super tasty because it’s made with garlic, anchovies, and the star of the sauce: parsley. Many also use boiled egg yolks or old bread soaked in vinegar in this sauce but I would rather use a boiled potato as the starch for this dish. 

Hi, my name is Alessandra Lauria, I am a Sicilian pasta maker expert, a dinner party host, and creator and founder of The Pasta Studio - an online (and offline) pasta school. As my roots are Sicilian, I tend to share what’s locally delicious to me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

As a Sicilian, this sauce was quite unknown to me until the initial COVID lockdowns. You might think, “how did you not know!?” Well, for more than 14 years, I lived abroad and the Italian cuisine which was familiar to me was Sicilian from when I was younger. But during the pandemic, when we all had to come up with different videos and recipes for social media content, I started to investigate more Italian traditions that I wasn’t familiar with and came across Salsa Verde. Ever since, you can usually find a side of salsa verde on my tables and between many of my dishes just because of how simple, cheap (coming from the Cucina Povera cuisine), and delicious it is. 

Traditionally, this recipe was made in a mortar and pestle and this is still the best way to create a creamy and delicious sauce.


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