Pistachio & Basil Pesto Recipe with Mortar and Pestle (Fast and easy)

Pistachio & Basil Pesto Recipe with Mortar and Pestle (Fast and easy)

It’s hard to consider yourself Sicilian without adding pistachio to your food regularly. And that’s exactly why the Pistachio Pesto was born! Simple, delicious, and versatile, you literally cannot go wrong with it. 

Hi, my name is Alessandra Lauria, I am a Sicilian pasta maker expert, a dinner party host, and creator and founder of The Pasta Studio - an online (and offline) pasta school. As my roots are Sicilian, I tend to share what’s locally delicious to me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Recently, I was contracted as a consultant for a restaurant in Lisbon and they asked me if I could develop a pistachio recipe for them. So I did. Since then I’ve redone and revised the recipe many different ways, finally landing on this version that’s completely plant-based. 

As usual, using the mortar and pestle for any pesto creates the best results with the strongest flavors and aromas. My new motto: Everything tastes better with KROK!

To make things a bit easier, I would suggest chopping your pistachios a bit before starting and adding them to your mortar a little at a time.


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