Fresh Rocket and Walnut Pesto (Delicious and easy to prepare)

Fresh Rocket and Walnut Pesto (Delicious and easy to prepare)

This delicious pesto is best for the early summer season since it uses rocket (also known as arugula), a very nutritious leafy green. The rocket is delicate, spicy, and tasty, and when combined with garlic and walnuts, you end up with a very mouth-watering pesto. 

Hi, my name is Alessandra Lauria, I am a Sicilian pasta maker expert, a dinner party host, and creator and founder of The Pasta Studio - an online (and offline) pasta school. As my roots are Sicilian, I tend to share what’s locally delicious to me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

As with all pestos, using the mortar for this Rocket Pesto enhances the flavors from the fresh ingredients while making sure all the nutritional values are not lost.

This recipe calls for two kinds of cheese: Grana and Pecorino. If you don’t have the two different kinds of cheese, you can just use Grana Padano cheese which is similar to Parmesan. If you are using only Pecorino cheese, make sure it’s aged and it is less in quantity as it is saltier than the Grana cheese.


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