Spinach & Almond Pesto recipe with Mortar and Pestle

Spinach & Almond Pesto recipe with Mortar and Pestle

Similar to my Almond & Lemon Pesto, this recipe calls for simple and fresh ingredients that are easily available. 

Hi, my name is Alessandra Lauria, I am a Sicilian pasta maker expert, a dinner party host, and creator and founder of The Pasta Studio - an online (and offline) pasta school. As my roots are Sicilian, I tend to share what’s locally delicious to me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

I love making this pesto and adding it to pasta, especially since all the ingredients are easy to find all over the world. This is important to me as I travel often and live abroad. Italians can’t live without basil but if I’m somewhere that doesn’t have it, I will use spinach as a substitute. Even though this recipe has a bit of basil, you can leave it out if you’re unable to buy it. 

Making this (and any) pesto in a mortar and pestle is always better. The colors will be more vivid and the flavors more robust. As usual, add the dry and solid ingredients first before adding veggies and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

In this recipe, you should pre-grate the parmesan before starting the process as it is easier when adding it into the mortar. Also, you can chop the spinach after you steam them.


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