Traditional Thai Green Curry Paste with Mortar and Pestle

Traditional Thai Green Curry Paste with Mortar and Pestle

Originating in central Thailand, this classic curry dish derives its name and color from the green ingredients used to make the paste. The green curry paste is fried in oil before adding coconut milk and other ingredients to make the curry dish. Leave out the protein to make it vegetarian but always serve it with steamed jasmine rice. 

My name is Breda Fenn. I’m a recipe developer and food creative from Sydney. I adore food from around the world and I’m passionate about bringing flavors from around the globe into my home for my family to enjoy. 

Green curry in Thai is called kaeng khiao wan which directly translates to sweet green curry. That said, this dish isn't a sweet dish. It's fragrant, earthy, and spicy (depending on how spicy the chilis you use are). 

Most commonly served with jasmine rice, you can also use the paste in fried rice or even noodle dishes. 

Even though curry paste can be found in most grocery stores that sell Asian products, nothing beats making your Thai green curry paste from scratch in a mortar and pestle. Not only do you have complete control over spice and flavor, but texture as well. So let's get pounding. 


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