The original Thai Peanut dipping sauce recipe

Thai-Style Peanut Dipping Sauce

Thailand's culinary heritage has been shaped by various cultures which is why it offers diverse delicious flavors and textures. One of the most popular Thai dishes is “Moo-Satay” which has an Indonesian influence. It consists of marinated grilled pork on a bamboo skewer paired with a peanut dipping sauce. 

Since this peanut dipping is one of my favorite Thai sauces, I wanted to try it with different types of meat skewers. I realized that you can pair the peanut dipping with almost any style of grilled meat. The secret to this recipe is to use your KROK mortar and pestle to gently grind the peanuts to get that chunky texture and extract all the aroma and taste from the natural oils of the peanuts.

Let’s explore this easy-to-make recipe that you can cook at home under 10 minutes.



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