Mango Wooden Pestle
Mango Wooden Pestle
Mango Wooden Pestle

Mango Wooden Pestle

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Sometimes you just need that lighter touch. This is why we’ve introduced the KROK Mango Wooden Pestle. Traditionally handcrafted in Thailand using sustainably sourced mango wood, this functional and visually appealing wooden pestle is the perfect addition to your KROK mortar and pestle set.
  • Handcrafted in Thailand
  • Sustainably Sourced Mango Wood

Uses for the Wooden Pestle

Having a lighter pestle made of wood gifts you numerous benefits beyond the traditional granite pestle:

  • Delicate herbs for sauces like pesto can respond better to a lighter wooden pestle.

  • Dishes like the Thai papaya salad (som tum) traditionally use a wooden pestle to only bruise the ingredients instead of mashing them into a paste.

  • The wooden pestle is also perfect for muddling fruits and other ingredients for your favorite cocktail. This will help extract all the flavorful juices of the fruit while keeping some of the fruit’s structure intact.

Material and Craft Process

Mango wood is a hard wood that is durable and sustainable. Our mango wood is sourced from the mango trees of Thailand and is crafted with natural methods passed down for generations. 

After carving the pestle from a whole piece of wood, it is then slowly smoked in a traditional two-week process to remove any moisture and humidity. The pestle will then be scrubbed to remove the soot and restore the beautiful wood grain. 

Finally, the pestle is soaked in a water-based, food-grade coating to protect and preserve the pestle for a lifetime of use. 

*Please note that the polish will get worn after using the pestle. This is to be expected and adds character to the look.

Please hand wash your mango wood pestle. A light detergent and a soft sponge are all you need to clean the pestle. Natural wood doesn’t like moisture so be sure to dry it with a cloth after washing. 

Every few months, you can wipe the pestle down with a neutral oil to maintain the condition of the wood and restore the look of the pestle.

Length: 7.5"
Weight: 0.3lbs

I much prefer this wooden pestle for finer more delicate tasks in the kitchen. The colour is aesthetically pleasing and the size and shape are excellent.

Stephen, KROK Community