Our Materials and Design

Working with artisans in Ang Sila village, we’ve rethought and redesigned every aspect of this ancient tool for today’s kitchen. Starting with the highest quality granite found in the mountains of Thailand, here’s how we’ve designed each part to make the mortar and pestle even more useful for you:


We’ve narrowed the walls of the standard mortar to create more capacity and to lighten the weight of the tool, while ensuring optimal sturdiness.

The unpolished interior of the mortar combined with the unpolished end of the pestle is ideal for crushing and grinding, making any ingredient into your desired texture.

The even, round shape of the bowl will make sure no ingredient can hide in a corner from your pestle as you smash down and around the bowl.

Cork Base

Our cork base has numerous benefits: dampening noise as you pound, keeping the mortar from slipping or scratching your countertop, and keeping the total weight of the mortar lighter.

Cork is a natural, 100% biodegradable substance that is easy to clean, water resistant and durable enough to last the lifetime of your mortar. 

The impermeability of cork makes sure that no substances from cooking or cleaning will ever damage the base, nor form any mold or bacteria, which is why it found its usage as a lid in wine bottles.


The major difference in our pestle is length. We wanted it long enough so you would never hit the side of your hand on the mortar. 

The upper end of the pestle is narrow enough for comfortable handling while the lower end widens out to make sure no ingredient can hide from your pounding. 

Unpolished granite on the bottom of the pestle makes it perfect for grinding down tough herbs and spices.

The Ancient Tool for Today's Kitchen